Breaking News: Starkey Blueberry Farm to close. Replaced by Apartments!

20 Aug

As reported in the Pasco County Development & Growth Updates Facebook Group, the Starkey Family is closing the Starkey Farm located on the corner of Lake Blanche and Starkey Blvd and has applied to have the property rezoned for an apartment complex, containing 499 homes! 

499 residential units proposed at Starkey Blueberry Farm (approximately 90 acres). The owner, SRi2, LLC an entity controlled by Frank and Jay Starkey has submitted a site development proposal to Pasco County for the development of 499 units on Lake Blanch Rd. This would result in the removal of the existing blue berry farm.

This is within the existing Starkey Ranch MPUD which in 2017 was approved for development of up to 5050 dwelling units. It is unknown if this proposal would require commission approval or not given its already within the MPUD.

Reaction from the local community has been swift and disappointment in the Starkey Family for turning this once beautiful property in to an apartment complex appears to be a common theme.

We’ve shared the development information below and will share additional information as it becomes available.